Debian Installer 6.0 Beta1公布

作者: 关于我们  发布:2020-01-03

Debian Installer 6.0 Beta1 宣布发布,增加软件包架构自动检测,并且关闭 ReiserFS 默认支持。

本次新的 Debian 安装器有如下改善:

为 PS3 自动内核检测。

正确识别 M$ Windows 的恢复分区。

内核更新至 2.6.32。

parted 更新至 2.2,

增加对 Marvell GuruPlug、Marvell OpenRD-Ultimate 和 HP t5325 Thin Client(部分)平台的支持。


在安装过程将检索安装介质上的固件 Deb 包,方便执行包含驱动固件的光盘安装或网络安装。


此外,新版本将启用 udhcpc 作为默认 DHCP 客户端(除 kFreeBSD),关闭了 ReiserFS 支持(若打开需添加modules?=partman-reiserfs)以及停止创建 /cdrom 符号连接。


With the upcoming release of Debian Squeeze, the Debian Installer team has announced the first beta release of the Debian Installer 6.0. This version of the Debian Installer brings several fixes, package updates, and new features.

Among the new capabilities of the Debian Installer 6.0 Beta 1 include the auto-selection of the kernel for the Sony PlayStation 3, recovery partitions for Microsoft Windows are properly recognized, support for new platforms, support for isohybrid images when using cdrom-detect/try-usb, the installer now looks for Debian firmware packages within the firmware/ folder on the installation media for bundling hardware firmware, hardware-specific packages are now installed automatically, and there's improved localization.

The new platforms supported by this version of the Debian Installer for 6.0 Squeeze include the Marvell GuruPlug, Marvell OpenRD-Ultimate, and the HP t5325 Thin Client has partial support.

In terms of package updates, the Linux kernel is updated to the 2.6.32 release and GNU Parted is updated to version 2.2. This release also drops support for the ReiserFS file-system by default, but those interested in using ReiserFS can enable it by passing partman-reiserfs.

The Debian Installer 6.0 Beta 1 release announcement can be found at This installer release is dedicated to Frans Pop who had worked on the Debian Installer and other parts of this Linux distribution until passing away in August.


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